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"We shall not hunt together again, my friend. Our first hunt was here - and our last … They were good days. Yes, they have been good days…" - Hercule Poirot
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25 years later, still dapper as hell (and totally in love with each other.) [Photo Credit ITV]
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I love Hastings. He is constantly saying “I say!” as if he is in a constant state of wonderment. Wish I could be as alive and surprised with the world.

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In the vast world of crappy adaptations of books, can we just take a moment to appreciate the perfection that was David Suchet’s Poirot

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I am hoping one day David Suchet will come to my house and explain the opening credits to Poirot.

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#46: Before The Fall (2004)
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let’s take a spin. #cars #versailles #france (à Château De Versailles)
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